Happy New Year 2012!

Prospects for the New Year seem rather dim according to polls – merely 43% of Americans saw a successful 2012 for the country and less than that for the world as a whole.  The economy seems shot, unemployment appears to be going down and then we learn it’s because less people bothered to apply for unemployment insurance, prospects for President of the United States in 2012 seem dim (if you are Republican) and gas prices are STILL over three dollars a gallon!  Oh, and lest we forget, we now may have an argument with Iran in the near future about oil.

Are you still reading?  Good.  Then I can tell you that all is not as terrible and horrible as it may seem.

Consistently over the last three years, Yahoo.com has listed Information Technology as the Industry Least Likely to be Affected by the Recession.  This stands to reason.  Working with key executives in many of New York and New Jersey’s largest companies, I can see that one area of their business that they are actively growing is Information Systems.  They are hiring!  Some companies are updating existing systems, some are creating new divisions, many are turning to the Creative Services (3D rendering, illustration, media, interactive design and especially mobile design) as they revamp and re-tool their marketing departments.

Staff I.T. happens to have an excellent Creative Services division within its suite of services and we have the pleasure of continuing to work with massive publishing and marketing firms as well as smaller companies as they begin or end projects and continue to grow and develop despite a poor economy.

There are many jobs available, make no mistake.  However, unlike in times past, companies can now afford to be very picky when they choose people to hire.  They can do this because of the unusually large number of applicants.  What is making this especially difficult for candidates, especially younger ones, is that they are up against candidates who have over a decade of experience that, because they have been out of work for whatever reason, are willing to take a pay cut and are the most sensible choice for an employer because of their experience.  Before, if a company wanted to hire such a candidate, they would have to pay a higher rate to get them.  This is not always the case these days.

That is why, especially for younger professionals looking for work, it is best to turn to a n IT staffing agency like Staff I.T.  There are many benefits but the one benefit that emerges here is you will have a team of professionals doing the legwork for you, finding applicable jobs and submitting you to employers likely to hire you.  Furthermore, the folks at the good staffing agencies really do have your best interest at heart – they get paid when you get hired, too!  It is in their best financial interest to get you working again!

In closing, I think it is safe to say that the successful candidates will be the individuals who can adapt and who are willing to use every tool at their disposal.  Good luck!

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