Sooooo…. where exactly are the jobs…?



While the above comic strip is certainly silly and poorly drawn it also brings to light a valid concern: Where are the jobs?  Young people are emerging from college to find a job market struggling and completely inundated with older, more experienced professionals competing with them for the same jobs.  Young college graduates have always filled the entry-level positions in the job market; i.e., the roles that require little to no industry experience, only a college degree.  However now, thanks to a global economy in trouble and a national economy in the same straits, young college graduates are discovering that older, seasoned professionals with at least ten years more experience than they have are taking those entry-level positions!  This can be understandingly frustrating, especially since after a grace period of six months the college student must begin repaying his or her college tuition loans.

This is a situation tailor-made for the staffing agency.  Just as an actor, musician or model will hire a talent agency to find them work and represent their best interests, so too can you work with a staffing agency to help you find work and represent your best interests.  Enter Staff IT, Inc.  This boutique tech and IT staffing firm provides talented professionals to mid-market and Fortune 1000 companies, helping with project needs as well as permanent placements.  The advantages to working with such a firm are many, but the top three reasons are that the agency will negotiate the best possible salary or rate of pay for you, will bring to bear all of its search capabilities to find the work you were unable to find and they will do the leg work for you.  All you will have to do is make yourself available for telephone or in-person interviews.  For some advice on how to be terrific in an interview, look at our blog “The Art of Interviewing.” (

Yes, the jobs are there.  They may be more difficult to find and certainly more difficult to be selected for. However, they are there so you have that in your favor.  Be your best and commit yourself to success no matter what and when you finally look up you will be in a better place.

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