The Dreaded Holiday Hiring Slump – What Is Really Going On

by Dan Schrotter, Staff I.T., Inc.

According to Phil Rosenberg of, the holiday hiring slump is by no means a regular occurrence. Quite the opposite. There are some years, yes, when companies simply are not hiring anyone during the months of October, November and December. However there have also been several years in which companies did not slow down one bit during these final three months and continued hiring people.

Why do companies do this? Some people bitterly claim it is because all of the H.R. managers, hiring managers and staffing agency people are too busy getting boozed up at holiday parties and having too much fun. I can personally attest that this is NOT the case, not by any means. If anything, October November and December are the busiest times of the year for lots of companies!

Remember, in business the year is divided into quarters. These are normally called Quarter One (Q1), Quarter Two (Q2), Quarter 3 (Q3) and Quarter 4 (Q4). Normally companies also like to complicate things further and adhere to a fiscal calendar, meaning a financial calendar, that matches no calendar known to Man. Instead it is their very own calendar that is tied into when they distribute budgets to their various departments and divisions.

Q4 normally is the end of the year for most companies – their fiscal calendar may have them ending their fiscal year on December 28 instead of the 31st – and so as a result many companies are frantically trying to close all their accounts and balance all of their accounts.  The last thing that most of these people have on their mind is hiring new people and having to train them. In addition, budgets usually are not distributed until the first Quarters of the new year! If a hiring manager has no idea how much budget he or she has to work with then how can they be expected to hire people and guarantee them a set salary?

Keep applying. Even if they don’t call in December, if you are persistent and polite enough you may find yourself with an interview in the very beginning of January!

A very happy and SAFE Turkey Day to everyone and let’s all find something to be thankful for.

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